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If you already own a Spa System of your own, we have all the accessories needed to keep your spa running smoothly and the perfect appliances for cleaning, storage and maintenance.

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Costa Spa

Costa Spa

Hot Tub Floating Bar €18.99

A truly great idea for hot tub parties, so when you want a snack there is no need to get our of the spa. The 28 inch diameter inflatable floating hot tub bar is an attractive and easy way to serve food and drink while relaxing in the hot tub I has multiple food and drink caities and two carry handles.

Costa Spa

Floating Chlorine Dispenser €9.99

Chlorine and Bromine floating dispenser slowly releases sanitizer at a set rate.

To be used with either Hot tub Chlorine or Bromine Tablets.

Costa Spa

Cover Cleaner €9.99

This UVA protecting hot tub cover cleaner was developed from the aerospace industry and does not contain silicones oils that leave the vinyl surface greasy to attract dirt.

Costa Spa

Duck Floating Thermometer €6.99

Floating Duck thermometer is a backup to your hot tub digital thermometer to ensure the water is the perfect temperature.

Its Manufactured from soft, durable PVC. He comes with a tethering rope so that you can keep him in one place.

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Costa Spa
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Costa Spa
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