The healing power of hot water has been used for many centuries and in all different cultures around the world but only in the last 20 years have hot tubs become an increasingly popular item within the home.

In this fast paced environment that we live in today it’s important to take time out to relax and recharge our batteries. Europeans spend millions of pounds on all different treatments, lotions and potions to make us look and feel better, but generally we neglect our health and wellbeing in other areas.

Hot Tubs are a combination of natures most powerful healing and relieving properties; Heat, Water and Air. Working in harmony to invigorate and massage the body, Hydrotherapy, as this process is most commonly referred to, helps ease away aches and pains in muscles and stiff joints.

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The soothing jets and hot bubbles relieve tension throughout the body and can play a key role in combating stress, a condition which unfortunately runs high in our society today. The power of hydrotherapy has also been proven to improve sleeping patterns, giving a more restful and peaceful nights sleep, which in turn helps the body repair and improve many ailments.
Not only do hot tubs provide a wealth of health benefits they also bring immense fun. At Costa Spa we understood that not everyone had the opportunity to purchase a hot tub for their home, so we envisaged providing a service so everyone could enjoy the experience for a fraction of the cost.

Whether you want to buy or hire a hot tub for a birthday celebration, an anniversary,party, barbeque, romantic weekend or any other occasion, whatever occasion it may be, it’s sure to be extra special with a hot tub. Imagine sat in a hot tub at Christmas after your turkey dinner or a New Years Eve party. Whatever the weather, our hot tubs are made to withstand all weathers and environments.

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